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Car insurance on a temporary basis, once a very rare beast indeed, is now the fastest growing sector of the car insurance market - not bad for a product that many people still don't know exists! It's popular for two very good reasons - it solves a lot of problems, and it can save a lot of money. How often, for instance, have you needed to share the driving with someone on a long journey, borrowed a car whilst your own was being serviced or repaired, lent your car to your kids whilst they were on holiday, or any one of innumerable reasons why you could need insurance cover for a short period of time? Now hundreds of thousands of British motorists have realised how easy it is to get comprehensive cover for a car for short periods of time - from just one single day up to twenty eight days - all available online, with a quote within a minute, a policy issued within a couple of minutes more or so then a cover note delivered straight to an email inbox. And that's not all. It doesn't matter whether you own the car or not, and you can even cover vans, motorhomes and goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes GVW too!

Would you qualify? Well, like every car insurance policy whether or not you would be accepted would depend on your driving record, where you live, the car you want to drive (or allow someone else to drive) etc so the only way to find out would be to get a quote. Not every car can be covered but most popular ones in the UK are on the underwriters' databases so the majority of people with a reasonable driving record (or even learners) driving a reasonably modern vehicle have no problems getting a quote. Temporary cover could be just the answer to your insurance problems!

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